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We have been trading stocks for a long while.

Our goal is to alert you to stocks that can move hard. Because we find these opportunities mostly with penny stocks these stocks have become our focus, though sometimes we find good plays in Nasdaq, NYSE and other markets. Our blog section has a daily discussion of penny stocks that are on the move — upwards or downwards, and our market scan delivers charts, news releases and other information for any valid stock symbol.

Our eventual goal is to make money by charging a yet to be determined fee for our penny stock picks. Until then we want to build a following, show we are real, and prove we present big winners consistently. So for now, signing up to our alerts is free and we will likely reward those who signup now by grandfathering them in whenever we do start charging.

We have a strict policy of never sharing your email with anyone and you can unsubscribe from our list any time with one single click.

Just one of our alerts will show you how different we are from other stock sites.

Please reach out to us with any questions at info@profitfrompennystocks.com.

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